What cars work with EcuFlash?


This is a common question that does not always have a simple answer. There are really several levels of EcuFlash "working" with a particular car, i.e.

In general, EcuFlash can reflash a much larger number of cars than there may exist XML definitions for. This means that you may be able to read and write from some cars, but not edit anything until a XML definition is made by us or someone in the larger OpenECU community. Often times the current release of EcuFlash does not have the most current XML definitions in existence, and you may need to visit various forums to find what you are looking for. An upcoming version of EcuFlash will allow you to automatically submit any new ROMs you find to Tactrix so that we can more quickly create XML definitions for these.

Here is an incomplete list of the known cars that EcuFlash can reflash currently: