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What are the pinout and pin functions of the Openport 2.0?

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Tactrix Openport Pinout

Tactrix Openport 2.0 Connector Pinout

Pin Name
1 OEM1
2 J1850+
3 OEM3
7 ISO-9141 K
8 OEM8
9 OEM9
10 J1850-
11 OEM11
12 OEM12
13 OEM13
15 ISO-9141 L
16 Vbat (+12V)

J1962 OBD-II Port Pinout

2.5mm Stereo Jack Pinout

Pin Name
Tip OEM12
Ring RS-232 input
Sleeve GND



Functional Description

  • The Openport 2.0 is powered via the 12 volt Vbat and GND pins. Although the device can also be powered via USB, these need to be present for vehicle communications to occur. The Openport 2.0 is not designed for 24 volt vehicles.
  • Pins CANL and CANH are used for CAN and ISO15765 communications
  • Pins ISO-9141 K and ISO-9141 L are used for ISO-9141 and KWP2000 communications. Often, only the ISO-9141 K line is used.
  • (Support pending) Pins J1850+ and J1850- are used for SAE J1850 communications. In J1850PWM both the J1850+ and J1850- pins are used. In J1850VPW, only the J1850+ pin is used.
  • The 2.5mm jack Ring and Sleeve terminals can be used to receive RS-232 data from another device. This is typically used with Innovate MTS bus compatible devices such as a wide-band oxygen sensor, or similar devices from other manufacturers.
  • The 2.5mm jack Tip terminal is connected to the OEM12 functionality of the Openport 2.0, which means is can be used as an ADC voltage input, or a variable voltage or connection to ground can be applied to this teminal. The 2.5mm jack provides an easy way to connect to this pin outside of the J1962 connector. Note that when a 2.5mm plug is inserted into this jack, the OEM12 signal is not longer connected to pin 12 of the J1962 connector, only the internals of the Openport. This is done to provide device and vehicle protection.
  • A variable voltage (5V-25V) feature is available and can be applied selectively to the following pins
    • OEM1
    • OEM3
    • OEM9
    • OEM11
    • OEM12
    • OEM13
  • J1850+ pin can also be specifically set to 5V or 8V
  • The following pins can be pulled down to GND
    • OEM1
    • OEM3
    • ISO-9141 K
    • OEM9
    • J1850-
    • OEM11
    • OEM12
    • OEM13
    • ISO-9141 L
  • The following pin voltages can be read via the ADC
    • OEM8
    • OEM12
    • Vbat